Built to last, attuned to perfection

Duper XL400 is a god among 3D Printers.


Since all of us have a pocket sized computer i.e. smartphone in our pocket, it seems only logical for us to provide you the ability to control your 3D printer from the palm of your hand.

Explore 3D Printing with your Smartphone and Mobile Devices
  • Control your duper Pro Wirelessly
  • Monitor your Printer from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage your 3D files on the cloud.
  • 8 GB of Cloud storage Space available.


duper XL400 has been used to 3D Print many Pre-Surgical models which have been crucial in saving many a lives. Follow the links below to read in vivid detail:





One Year Warranty

Every duper 3D Printer comes with 10 days product replacement warranty and one year standard warranty from autoAbode.

Use your duper with the assurance that we are just a phone call away.

Introductory Sessions

Your purchase of duper entitles you to 3 introductory sessions covering everything from the basics of 3D Printing to smart tuning your machine to get the maximum out of it.

Easy Monitoring

Your duper comes equipped with an easy and robust Cloud connection that lets you print and monitor from the comfort of your couch.
Control your duper through your mobile, computer or tablet.

All for One and One for All

Doctors, Hobbyists, Artists, Machinists, Makers, Tinkerers and many more

Many of the surgeries had not been possible had we not used the pre-surgical solutions provided by autoAbode. The results were amazing, precise to the micron and were instrumental in our success in the second ever successful Pelvic Exstrophy ever.
Dr. Richie GuptaSenior Consultant and Head - Plastic Surgery , Fortis
What this 3D Printer made has been able to save lives. It is very seldom that a machine delivers at the odds required but i can gladly say that duper XL 400 lives up-to all expectations.
Dr. Ashwani MaichandSenior Consultant Joint Replacement Surgery at B L Kapur Superspeciality Hospital