Complex Procedure enabled by the power of 3D Printing for Healthcare


An overall lengthy procedure involving several surgeons and specialists, it was imperative that every particular step was well planned and thought out for every step of the surgical procedure.


The procedure included several custom implants that needed to be pre-fabricated and ready on the day of the surgery. This required a wide amount of information which was incomplete due to the lack of a physical representation.


An extremely difficult procedure, it required a meticulous and precise planning by several doctors to figure out many intricacies of the surgery. Traditional MRI and CT Scans were not promising enough to provide the complete picture.

Case History

Dr. Richie, Senior Consultant and Head – Plastic Surgery , Fortis Shalimar Bagh was in need of a complete solution to help him plan a very complicated surgical procedure. He was dealing with a deformed pelvis which required to be normalized. Existing technology was not enough to give him all the information needed.

A New Hope

Working closely with Dr. Richie and his colleagues at Fortis Shalimar Bagh we built an entirely custom solution from scratch that would give the doctors all the information they are looking for and more. Using 3D Printing and Data Conversion, a new Pre Surgical solution for complex surgical cases was born.

Success in Half the Time

Apart from providing everything required the entire solution resulted in reducing the time of actual surgery by 50%. Thus increasing the rate of success and increasing the overall efficiency of the entire team of doctors.


We came up with an extensive and practical method using a Custom Pre-Surgical 3D Printed model.

Data Conversion

We took the MRI and CT Scan data and developed a proprietary conversion method to convert it into a fully realized 3D Model. All details were ensured including the overall integrity and composition of the structure.

3D Printing

The 3D Model was prepared and thus began its 3D Printing. Experimenting with a wide range of materials we were able to settle on one that perfectly emulated the tensile strength of the bone structure. The model was 3D Printed using duper XCEL range of 3D Printers.

Pre-Surgical Procedure

The 3D Printed custom Pelvis model was presented to doctors to verify its accuracy and composition. Upon their affirmation the surgical procedure was done on several custom made pre surgical models to allow doctors to plan and rehearse for this procedure beforehand.


  • Plan the entire surgery beforehand accounting for all possibilities that may occur.
  • Pre-fabrication of all surgical implants including their installation.
  • The fatal areas to avoid and understand what not to do during the main surgery.
  •  Use the Pre surgical model as a physical map during the main surgery giving the doctors a never before seen perspective.
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This method allowed us to be completely prepared for anything. From the Pre-Fabricated implants to each incision. Pre-Surgical planning allowed us to finish the surgery in half the time as it would have taken us normally.
Dr. Ashwani MaichandSenior Consultant Joint Replacement Surgery at B L Kapur Superspeciality Hospital
A simple yet elegant solution. The team at autoAbode were instrumental in making this procedure possible. This indeed is an affordable and approachable utilization of 3D Printing.
Dr Richie GuptaSenior Consultant and Head - Plastic Surgery , Fortis