The dental industry requires custom-part, single-unit production, with excellent accuracy. Therefore, dentistry is getting more and more attention in the 3D printing industry. Dentists are producing bridges and crown in their practices. Such is the interest that the medical and dental market for 3D printers is set to grow by 365% to $US867 million by 2025.


autoAbode’s digitial dentistry combines state-of-the art 3D printing technology with a small footprint. It is easy to use, and includes specialized dental printing materials in convenient sealed cartridges. Now, you can fabricate stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, clear aligners and retainers – right on your desktop.

The following seps demonstrate the preparation of a denture using 3D Printing:


Photopolymerized print materials are available in a variety of shades and are shown here as printed denture reproductions in white and clear.


An example of a FDM 3D printed prototype of an upper denture on a removable support material.


An example of a FDM 3D printed prototype of an upper denture on a removable support material.


The printed denture is then separated from the support base.


Accurate digital scans of dentures can be recalled, printed, and used as custom impression trays in denture replacement or repair procedures


Printed FDM baseplates can be characterized and modified with occlusal wax rims in preparation for the setting of denture teeth.


FDM materials can be stained, characterized, and sealed using products commonly used to stain conventional denture acrylic materials.



FDM material cuts very much like acrylic



FDM printed tooth facial surfaces can be easily modified. In this case, the denture teeth areas are being prepared for veneers.


A denture printed with greater resolution but less accuracy does not ensure success. Two printed dentures are shown having identical proportions, yet the one on the right is inaccurate.



This carefully scanned original denture and its FDM twin compare well in occlusal bite registration and putty indexes.

duper Pro 3D printer is specially designed to meet the needs of dental labs and clinics. Delivering speed and accuracy, ease of use and at a price that ensures rapid return on investment.


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