3D Printed Models and Surgical Solutions

Save Time

Increasing efficiency of Pre-Surgical and Post surgical procedures.

Interacting with Pre-surgical models allows doctors to better plan surgeries efficiently and allows them to approach each case separately.


Improved Results

Precise and Planned Procedures yield better patient outcomes.

Apart from increasing the overall efficiency the surgery time can be reduced upto 40%. This allows doctors to save precious time during complicated procedures.

Cost Effective

No Incremental Cost for Hospital or Patient.

Each model is prepared using autoAbode’s proprietary algorithm and once created can be replicated without any incremental cost.



Creating Customized healthcare solutions as per Doctors requirement.

3D Printed Dentures

The dental industry requires custom-part, single-unit production, with excellent accuracy. autoAbode’s digitial dentistry combines state-of-the art 3D printing technology with a small footprint to provide customized 3D printed dentures.


Designs for Implants

Using our proprietary processes, we create customized designs for implants with complex geometry & shape that ensure lower costs for fabrication while ensuring appropriate functionality.

Molds for Cranial Flap

Customized 3D Printed molds for cranial flaps provide an inexpensive alternative to conventional methods ensuring procedural accuracy and efficiency for every case.

Cranial Helmets

We design and make customized 3D printed helmets for pediatric post endoscopic craniosynostosis patients. These are designed specifically for each patient as specified by the doctor for the appropriate development of the skull.

Custom Surgical Fixtures

Each surgery is different and requires customized procedures for each patient. We design and develop customized 3D printed fixtures for different cases and different requirements.

Pre-Surgical Models

We make customized 3D printed surgical and anatomical models to aid in surgical planning thus allowing doctors to better plan complex surgeries and operations.


Here is how we made possible a second successful Pelvic Exstrophy ever.
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We utilize technology to provide affordable healthcare solutions to reduce time and costs.

Data Upload

Upload medical data or case details on our secure cloud server.

Procedural Analysis

The data is reviewed and analysed and is processed through to create the digital rendition of the object to be 3D printed.

Review and Approval

The digital model is shared with doctors and is approved after careful scrutiny and analysis.

Fabrication and Delivery

Post approval the customized object is fabricated and delivered to its destination.


More about 3D Printing

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material. It can be used to create objects of any shapes or size.

What is the benefit of 3D Printing?

3D Printing allows surgeons and doctors for surgical planning ranging from validating implants and planning procedures to creating custom surgial guides. This helps in reducing duration of the surgery thus increasing efficiency and precision.

What is a 3D Printed Medical model?

A Medical Model is the 3D representation of a part of the body. We create custom 3D models from digital medical images using 3D printing pertaining to an individual irrespective of the abnormality or complication.

How are 3D Printed surgical guides useful?

Some surgeries require custom surgical tools and guides which are created using 3D Printing Technology. These can be completely customized or created from scratch as per the surgical requirements.

This method allowed us to be completely prepared for anything. From the Pre-Fabricated implants to each incision. Pre-Surgical planning allowed us to finish the surgery in half the time as it would have taken us normally.
Dr. Ashwani MaichandSenior Consultant Joint Replacement Surgery at B L Kapur Superspeciality Hospital
A simple yet elegant solution. The team at autoAbode were instrumental in making this procedure possible. This indeed is an affordable and approachable utilization of 3D Printing.
Dr Richie GuptaSenior Consultant and Head - Plastic Surgery , Fortis