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Features And Specification Of 3D Printers In Delhi India- Welcome to the new era of 3D selfie printing. After the trend of selfies now its time for three D printers and 3d printing technology, So here we will talk about the Features And Specification Of 3D Printers in Delhi India. We click photographs because we want to capture our precious moments for life. To freeze an unforgettable moment and to make it eternal with technology ever evolving, the next step in capturing those special moments is to make it more real and tangible. 3D printing helps us to do the same. With 3D printer you are able to digitize a form or shape and even a picture of human.  AutoAbode, with its Duper Pro 3D printing services, makes it possible to transform digital scans into memories which you can even hold in your hand. so here are the characteristics of duper pro 3d printer used by Autoabode.

Features And Specification Of 3D Printers In Delhi India

http://duper3dprinter.com/ Features And Specification Of 3D Printers In Delhi India
features of duper 3d printer

3D printers for kids

The three D printer used by the company is Duper pro printer, it is an amazing desktop 3D printer which is built to meet the needs of every household, institution & organisation that need customized solutions. Unlike any other 3D printer it is more safe and easily accessible. It comes ready to use right out of the box. DuperPro three D printer is designed in a way that fits perfectly with your room interiors because of its modular looks. It is safe to print in homes and offices as it does not require heated plate/bed which most 3 d printers use and could be injurious to anybody, specially kids.

Advantages of using Duper Pro 3D printer

http://duper3dprinter.com/ Features And Specification Of 3D Printers In Delhi India
Duper Pro 3D printer.

Duper Pro is a lightweight and a compact printer with a confined design which makes it easy to access anywhere. Duper Pro comes with an unique feature of auto leveling where you don’t have to level the print bed manually time to time. This user-friendly 3d printer also provides you with wifi connection which makes it easy for the user to transfer their data  from anywhere. It also comes with a detachable magnetic base build plate which makes it easier for the user to take out the  fabricated 3D model.

Characteristics of 3D printers in India Delhi

http://duper3dprinter.com/ Features And Specification Of 3D Printers In Delhi India
characteristics of 3d printer

For a price sensitive country like India this is an amazing product with low cost and advanced features which best fits for Indian customers. Since Indian customers are buying 3D printers from abroad mostly from china which makes it very expensive as they have to pay heavy import duty for the purchase of the same. While buying it from abroad you don’t get any warranty on the product. Autoabode offers this astonishing Duper Pro 3d printer with low cost and with 1 year of onsite warranty.

Facts about 3D printing technology and three D printer

In this post we have given you the information regarding the features and specification of 3D printers in Delhi India . Apart from this in the previous post we have also shared the information about interesting facts on technology, best 3d selfie service in india etc. so if you like the post provided by us so don’t forget to share this on social media. For more information.

For more information visit : http://www.autoabode.com/duper.html



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