Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India, Best 3d Printing Technology In Delhi North India, Top 3 d Printer Manufacturers In India, Different Type Of 3D Printing Material

Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India- Hello friends, if you people are looking for the Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India, then you people are at right place, here we will provide you all the information regarding types of three d printing technology, cost of the printers etc. Not long time ago we use to talk about latest tech equipped 2D paper printers and their upcoming technology. But with time passing in last couples of year a new era has begun the dawn of 3d printers has taken place in our country. Let’s first make you understand what is 3 D printer if you are unfamiliar with this latest tech. These printers produces with a process also known as additive manufacturing makes three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India
3d printers in delhi

The creation of a three d printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. In a more layman language 3 D printer just gives your digital file a three dimensional form unlike your 2D printers where digital file comes on paper. The biggest plus point of  these printers is that it enables one to touch and makes it more real and tangible.

Different Type Of 3D Printing Material In Delhi

Type Technologies Materials
Extrusion Fused deposition modeling (FDM) or Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Thermoplastics, eutectic metals, edible materials, Rubbers, Modeling clay, Plasticine, Metal clay(including Precious Metal Clay)
Robocasting or Direct Ink Writing (DIW) Ceramic materials, Metal alloy, cermet, metal matrix composite, ceramic matrix composite
Light polymerized

Stereolithography (SLA)

Digital Light Processing (DLP) Photopolymer
Powder Bed Powder bed and inkjet head 3D printing (3DP) Almost any metal alloy, powdered polymers, Plaster
Electron-beam melting (EBM) Almost any metal alloy including Titanium alloys
Selective laser melting (SLM) Titanium alloys, Cobalt Chrome alloys, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Selective heat sintering (SHS) Thermoplastic powder
Selective laser sintering (SLS) Thermoplastics, metal powders, ceramic powders
Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) Almost any metal alloy
Laminated Laminated object manufacturing (LOM) Paper, metal foil, plastic film
Wire Electron beam freeform fabrication (EBF) Almost any metal alloy

Top 3 d Printer Manufacturers In India Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India
3d printer in delhi

These printers are available across the world now, but according to Indian scenario the best is Extrusion type printers. Why? Well because of its affordability and availability in India.With my personal experience since I have seen and used a lot of different type of 3D printers and of different companies but one I believe got my attention and  I have one at my home which I’ll recommend you guys the new and best Duper pro 3D printer.Duper Pro is an amazing desktop 3D printer which is built to meet the needs of every household, institution & organisation that need customized solutions. Unlike any other 3D printer it is safer and easily accessible. It comes ready to use right out of the box. DuperPro 3D printer is designed in a way that fits perfectly with your room interiors because of its modular looks. It’s safe to print at home and office as it does not require heated plate/bed which most 3D printers use and could be injurious to anybody, especially kids.


 Comparison Chart


  Duper PRo Ultimaker 2 MakerBot Replicator Mini M3D Micro XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 Flashforge  dreamer dual extrusion 3D System Cube
Price $1171 $2499 $1375 $349 $499 $1099 $1299
Wifi Connection Yes Yes Coming Soon No No Yes Yes
Maximum object Dimensions 180×180×220 mm 230 × 225 × 205 mm 100×100×125 mm 91×84×116 mm 200×200×200 mm 485 x 400 x 335 mm. 140×140×140 mm
Maximum Object Volume cm 7128 10608.75 1250 1233 8000 64,990 2744
Minimum Layer Height 85 Microns 20 Microns 200 Microns 50 Microns 100 microns 100 microns 200 Microns
Nozzle Diameter 0.2, 0.35, 0.4, 0.5 mm 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 or 0.8mm 0.4 mm 0.45 mm 0.4 mm 0.4 mm N/A
Filament Non- proprietary













$153/kg (estimated)

Best 3d Printing Technology In Delhi North India Best 3D Printers Available In Delhi Ncr India
best three d printers in delhi

Duper Pro is a lightweight and compact 3 D printer with a confined design which makes it easy to access anywhere. Duper Pro comes with a unique feature of auto levelling where you don’t have to level the print bed manually time to time. This user-friendly 3 D printer also provides you with wi-fi connection which makes it easy for the user to transfer their data from anywhere. It also comes with a detachable magnetic base build plate which makes it easier for the user to take out the fabricated 3D model.


Auto Abode offers this astonishing Duper Pro 3D printer with low cost and with 1 year of onsite warranty.

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