3D Printing Technology is Amazing but 3D Printers are not User Friendly:  That’s the reason we created a handy and easy to use 3d printer –  Duper PRO. Duper PRO 3D printer is built to meet the needs of every organisation, institute and households that needs customized solutions. 3D printing technology is now widely used for prototyping and as a hobby. Tinkerers therefore gets a new innovative way to think, design and create. We at autoAbode call it “Create, ReCreate & ProCreate”. This new advance technology opens up a world of  new inventions and possibilities for all sectors and industries. But 3D printers are still cumbersome. These devices are complex and are therefore not easily accessible. By looking at the difficulties in using a 3D printer, Autoabode has designed a feasible 3D printer which comes ready to use right out of the box. This astonishing device is Duper Pro desktop 3D printer which is home safe and easy to access from anywhere. Duper Pro is a 3D printer which can be used by anybody from anywhere.

3D Printing Technology is Amazing but 3D Printers are not User Friendly

http://duper3dprinter.com/ 3D Printing Technology is Amazing but 3D Printers are not User Friendly
duper pro 3d printer

How Duper 3D Printer Works for Creating 3d Objects

Autoabode’s Duper Pro is a wonderful desktop 3D printer which is comfortably operated by anyone. Unlike any other 3D printer it is more handy and easily adaptable. Duper pro comes ready to use right out of the box. This reliable and safe 3D printer is designed in a way that fits perfectly with your room interiors due of its modular looks. Duper Pro does not require any heated plate/bed, which is used by most 3d  printers. This feature makes Duper Pro a home safe  3D printer. Duper Pro also comes with a unique feature of auto leveling where a user don’t have to level the print bed or plate manually again and again. This is a compact 3d printer which has a light weight with a confined design which makes it easy to access. User friendly Duper Pro 3d printer also provides the user with wifi connection facility which makes it easy to transfer the required data  from anywhere. It also comes with a  magnetic base build plate which is detachable and therefore is easier for the user to take out the fabricated 3D object.

http://duper3dprinter.com/ 3D Printing Technology is Amazing but 3D Printers are not User Friendly
characteristics of 3d printer

Three Simple Steps to create your first 3d printed object:

Just by following some few simple steps you can easily create your 3D model and bring it to reality by easily printing it via duper PRO 3d Printer.

Step 1: Select or Create a 3D File:

The very first step is to select a 3D file which is to be printed. This selection of a 3D file can be done in 3 ways:

  1. C.A.D (Computer- Aided Design) – Using a computer software like (autoCAD, blender, Zbrush, meshMixer) for creating a 3 dimensional object.
  1.  Scanned Data- Another simple way to select a 3D file for printing is to scan the object which is to be printed by  using a 3D scanner. A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object or environment to collect the        data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D Model.
  2. Download from Internet- This is the most easy way to create a 3D file from downloading via internet or             through a WiFi. There are various site which is being used for the same, like (Thingiverse.com, Yeggi.com,         Google 3D warehouse)

Step 2: Prepare your 3D File for 3D Printing:

For preparing a 3D file for printing via Duper Pro just select your 3D file and click SLICE on our software. Rest          is all done automatically by our software and your file is all set for 3D printing.

Step 3: Send the Prepared File to Duper Pro 3D Printer:

Finally you have your file ready to go, just drag and drop your prepared or sliced file via WiFi or Internet                       connection and send it to Duper Pro.

Now rest, Duper Pro will initiate your 3D print. You just have to Monitor your 3D print from anywhere in the world. The process of preparing a 3D model for printing is often unique to everyone, but i hope these guidelines provide a foundation for you.

How Duper Pro is a Better Choice over other 3D Printers:

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